Management Structure

The Board of Management, consisting of ten community representatives, has responsibility for the development and long-term planning of the services.   Board Members come from a wide variety of backgrounds and bring together knowledge and skills necessary for good service provision including business management, accounting, legal, medical, educational and client advocacy. 

 Elizabeth (Libby) Campbell 

 Kath Keating 

Board members: 
 Neil Wilkinson 
 Steve Daley O.A.M, J.P.
 John Blyth 
 Garth Murphy 
 Roger Martin 
 Kay Denman 
 Geoff Lidgerwood 

The Executive Director, Steve Daley, has overall responsibility for the day-to-day management and delivery of services, and reports to the Board of Management. 

Each of the services has its own Manager, who assumes responsibility for day-to-day service provision, reporting to the Executive Director. 

Devonfield’s management team consists of: 

• Manager, Business Services - Tanya Kingshott
• Manager, Devon Training & Employment Services - Karin Febey
• Manager, OH&S - John Carr
• Manager, Accommodation Services - Lyndee Gross
• Manager, Tenancy Support Services - Andrew Moore
• Manager, Client Services - Nick Gilbert
• Manager, Day Support Services - Steve Daley