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Community & Social

Build capacity & network

Our community options services provide a wide range of activities and supports where participation is based on your individual interests, identity, preferences, goals and aspirations.

Once your needs are identified, we can collect information about resources in the community and the networks that may be used.

We are an NDIS provider where your choice and control will be the drivers to your own service provision at Devonfield.

Participants at Devonfield thriving together.

All programs promote opportunities for meaningful participation, skills acquisition and active inclusion in the community where friendships are developed through social networks. Whatever your interests we are dedicated to making them happen.

Some community options include;

  • Recreation and Leisure programs

  • Relaxation and music therapy

  • Road safety

  • Volunteering

  • Meal Preparation/ Cookery

  • Arts and crafts

  • First Aid

  • Personal care

  • Literacy and Language development

Discover options within your community

Accommodation types and services

Range of in-home support services

Quality of life and independence

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