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About Devonfield

Devonfield participant radiating inclusion and community joy.

About us

Devonfield has been a part of the Devonport community since 1959, supporting and empowering people with a broad range of disabilities to reach their potential through individual and person focused programs that meet their needs in every way possible. It is our mission to provide excellent support for people living with a disability, in order for them to live a life full of opportunity and fullness.

Devonfield also has a dedicated and qualified team who looks after Quality and safeguarding and who ensures the continuous improvement of the organisation as well as keeping focus on the Service Standards as fundamental to quality service delivery. Our staff have a passion for working with people who could benefit from extended support, as well as building relationships and learning more about your story.

Excited to find out the next step for yourself? We would love to connect! Drop us a message on our contact page, or head to our services page to learn more about what we offer and what would be the best option for yourself.

Smiling participant at Devonfield Enterprises event, embodying inclusion and community spirit

A photo of Trevor showing the cucumbers he grew in his garden.

Just because some are...

Devonfield Enterprises logo, featuring a symbolic representation of inclusivity and support.

    Trevor Jones

Just because some are badly handicapped

it doesn't mean that they can't adapt.

Help them to find relief,

to cast away their sorrows

and their painful grief.

Dry the tears that run down their face,

accept them in their rightful place.

Break down the walls that keep them apart,

give them a chance to make a new start.

They need to be the same,

they need to be with a friend,

someone they can depend on.

We wish it would come

where we all live together as one.

Discover options within your community

Accommodation types and services

Range of in-home support services

Quality of life and independence

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