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Updated: Dec 4, 2023

The Prime Minster made further announcements last night and as per previous advice we are keeping in touch to assist everyone. We have been working towards and forward planning in anticipation for “stay at home” announcement in Tasmania.

We have pre-empted “stay at home” and visited the two Launceston homes last weekend to assure them of our support throughout – from a social distance and not entering the homes.

We have continued to visit the North to look at prospective sites for the two-brand new 6 person homes to be built for Devonfield to complete details of lease for 20 plus years.

Yesterday, we had to suspend operating the 6 canteens we operate at Schools/Colleges in Devonport and Ulverstone. We have contacted all 30 clients employed at these facilities to offer alternative work at our Business Centre where we continue to provide essential service to our communities – i.e.

  • Sewing infectious linen bags for hospitals, aged residential homes, etc

  • Assembly of boxes for packaging product

  • Maintenance of lawns and garden at our site/homes plus for our customers in communities from Penguin to Latrobe

  • Preparing and cooking meals in our accredited industrial kitchen for deliveries to homes in Devonport or for collection from front door of Head office – you too can order these meals through calling Head office or email to

NDIS has been in touch to see if we can assist other Service Providers, clients or have any options available for urgent assistance in Tasmania. We have confirmed currently 3 homes available for personalised short-term support plus respite rooms available at Mac Wright House, Fred House and Ellison House. We have also confirmed we have staff available to assist with urgent support if and when required. We are updating our website and Facebook page so make sure to watch this space.

Devonfield will continue to keep you informed as things change, and should you have any concerns or questions, you can contact me via email or mobile 0419357742.

Tanya Tanya Kingshott Chief Executive Officer


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